To the Fourth

Happy Independence Day to everyone and to my followers. I hope everyone has a fun day. For me I’m watching Doctor Who. Its one of my favorite ninth Doctor episodes

the Doctor Dances

Autobots Rollout!!!

I just the new transformers film and it was awesome. I got such a headache and that’s how I know it rocked. It had a good cast, a cool story and some AWESOME action scenes. I recommend checking it out and you will enjoy it. I’m giving it a 9/10 and an A.


So my dad and I decided to watch Transformers and it was awesome. I was 12 when I saw it and it brings back so many memories. It was so cool seeing the Transformers in live action and I just love it. I was planning to watch all three Transformer films before the new one came out. So overall, Transformers rocked because it was funny, awesome and a good film to enjoy.

Also my dad said “Don’t mess with Optimus Prime” and I definitely agree with him.

I’m so excited

I’m so excited for the new Transformers Age of Extinction film coming out so i decided to get a poster

It looks awesome and I can’t wait.

Autobots Rollout!
Optimus Prime

Dear Mr. Capaldi

What is a great episode of Doctor Who you enjoyed the most?

Changing the future. Its called Marriage.
Amy Pond
The 200th Post and more to the future

Well, I made it on Tumblr and done 200 posts now and I will decide to do it on X men Days of Future Past.

I just saw it and it was awesome. It was so great to tell an epic story between the future and the past. I thought it was great story, had some funny moments, and was so good it left me in the edge of my seat. Overall, GO SEE IT. It was so good and I enjoyed it. Its a good time and you will enjoy it. I loved seeing the cast and it was so cool. Go see it because it is

30 Day Power Ranger Challenge 3

Day 3 Favorite Ranger color favorite Ranger color would have to be red. I like the red rangers because I like to know who they, how they develop over the series, and think they do a good job leading the team. My favorite Red Ranger is Jason because he was the first red ranger, thought he knew what he was doing, and developed into a great leader.

30 Day Superhero Challenge 2 

Day 2 Favorite Superhero Show

My favorite superhero show would be Smallville. I LOVE Smallville and it was the first superhero show I ever watched. It is my favorite show and I never get tired of watching it. Its a great Superman series and I personally think its a great show to tell how Clark Kent becomes Superman. It is a great show any fan of comics should check it out.,1920,0,1198-Smallville_s10_cast.jpg