Saw Captain America and I got to say it was awesome. I thought it was a good film and told about Steve Rogers very well. I recommend others to check it out.

Wierd Thought

I was thinking of Pokemon once and it got me thinking on how Ash Ketchum was a lot like the Doctor both travel with many different companions. Ash traveled with Misty Brock, Tracy, May Dawn and so many more, while the Doctor has taveled with many companions like Rose, Donna, Amy and so many others

2) They have the one friend who has been there since the beginning. While Ash has his Pikachu since the beginning of his journey, the Doctor has had the Tardis since he started running.

3) Their outfits have changed over time. The Doctor has many different attires since he started and when he changes, while Ash has different clothes for the different regions he enters when he travels.

4) They meet new people and help anyone or anything in trouble.

5) They have faced many opponents and have saved the world

6) They each have a device. Ash has his Pokedex and the Doctor has his Sonic Screwdriver

7) They’ve had friends leave them and pick up new ones along their travels

8) They are both kind

9) They have traveled a lot. Ash and his friends travel by land, sea or air, while the Doctor travels through time and space.

10) Their shows still continue. I remember watching Pokemon when I was a kid in the 90’s and it is still going on today. I started watching Doctor Who a couple of years ago, but the show started back in 1963-1989, but came back and is still going on too.

11) They both never give up and continue on their journeys with new friends, new adventures and new stories.

So yeah it was just a thought, but it got me thinking and I think its interesting

My Top 2 Favorite David Tennant Episodes of Doctor Who

1) The Last of the Time Lords

2) The Waters of Mars

I love these episodes because David Tennant does a great job in these episodes and shows he is an amazing actor to play the Doctor.


Some People like water

While it scares me

Other movies I’m Excited for

1) Transformers Age of Extinction

2) The Boxtrolls

3) The Maze Runner

4) Sin City A Dame to Kill For

unknown x turned 2 today!

unknown x turned 2 today!

Just Pre ordered The Amazing Spider Man 2 Video Game

Games I need to get

1 Batman Arkham Knight

2 The Amazing Spider man 2 Game

3 Batman Arkham Origins DLC Cold Cold Heart

Movies I’m excited to see this year

1. The Amazing Spider Man 2image

2 X-men Days of Future Past

3 Captain America The Winter SoliderCaptainAmerica TWS-poster

4 Guardians of the Galaxyimage

Saw Robocop and thought it was ok and I give it a 3/5